Hirshhorn Expands Hours, Tickets to Infinity Mirrors Exhibit

WASHINGTON — It’s one of the hottest tickets in D.C. and now the Hirshhorn’s new Infinity Mirrors exhibit is breaking records.

More than 14,000 people went through the popular exhibit in its first week. The popularity of 87-seven-year-old artist Yoyoi Kusama’s mirrored exhibit has been fueled by thousands of visitors who have shared selfies and colorful photos online.

While 14,000 made their way through the tentacled, blinking installation driven by color and the idea of oblivion, the exhibit itself drew more than 32,500 visitors to the museum and sculpture garden, said spokeswoman Allison Peck. That marks the highest attendance at the Hirshhorn for those dates in almost 40 years.

In response to demand, the museum is extending its hours on Wednesdays until 8 p.m. and releasing more passes for same-day visits.

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The online release of timed passes, which happens each Monday at noon, is bogged down with users. More than 58,000 people requested passes last Monday, which were gone in the first minute, Peck said.

The surefire way to grab a pass seems to be physically going to the museum. The line starts forming around 8 a. m., and Peck suggests joining the line on the slower days: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.

The exhibit runs through May 14.

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