Fireworks Can Trigger PTSD in Veterans, Group Warns

WASHINGTON — For military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, holidays that involve fireworks can be particularly stressful and in some cases dangerous.

The loud noises caused by exploding fireworks, can trigger flash backs for veterans of war-time situations.

“The flashing lights, the loud bangs and even the fire crackers can sound like gun fire, it can sound like bombs,” said Shawn Gourley, executive director of Military with PTSD.

Gourley said they key is letting neighborhood veterans know when fireworks will be launched because if they know when and where to expect the noises, in most cases, they’ll be fine.

“They can prepare themselves, they can put on their headphones, and they can leave if they want, or they may even want to join you,” Gourley said.

Gourley said people can also consider putting a sign out in the yard that will warn veterans of when to expect to hear your show.

Veteran’s First Insurance has a yard sign that can be printed and posted.

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