D.C. to Host Revived Lilith Fair

All-woman music fest ready for comeback

For three years in the late '90s, if you wanted to hear the best of women's rock, folk and blues, Lilith Fair was the place to be.

The all-woman music fest shut down in 1999, however, after a brief -- yet lucrative -- three-year run.

But all good ideas seem to pop back up again these days (think leggings and flannel), and Lilith Fair is no exception. So with some "reinvigorated" branding, and perhaps a fresh dose of femme fatale, the fest will return in 2010.

While the lineup and tour dates haven't been set, one thing is known -- D.C. is on the initial list of cities Lilith Fair plans on visiting.

So break out your Lisa Loeb and Indigo Girls CDs and tune those vocal chords and get ready to party like it's 1999.

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