Cody Linley: I Don't Have A Crush On Julianne Hough

Despite breaking down in tears on national television earlier this week during a session with Dr. Drew Pinsky, and raising Derek Hough’s watchful brotherly eyebrow, Cody Linley said he is not romantically interested in his “Dancing With the Stars” partner Julianne Hough.

On Tuesday, the 19-year-old actor was shown in a session conducted by Dr. Drew, alongside his returning “DWTS” partner, Julianne, who recently had surgery to remove her appendix and for endometriosis. As the two spoke with the MD, Cody was overcome with emotion, something Access Hollywood’s guest correspondent Maureen McCormick asked him about on the CMA Awards red carpet last night.


“Yeah, he broke me down. I mean, I was under so much emotional stress… And I just had all these built up feeling about Julianne,” Cody said.

“Like what?” an inquisitive Maureen probed.

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“Well, I was super worried about her, with the surgery coming up,” Cody said. “And it was all [a] friend thing.”

Derek, who stuck his head into the camera frame and raised his eyebrow when Cody said Julianne “taught me everything I’ve known,” in response to “Dancing” co-host Samantha Harris’ question about Julianne’s return Tuesday, has since told Access he believes the teen has a crush on his sister. But when asked about Derek’s inkling by Maureen, Cody shot down the notion once again.

“Derek is a little liar,” the lanky, former “Hannah Montana” star (he played Miley Cyrus’ on-screen boyfriend, Jake Ryan) said before reconsidering slightly. “I mean, I’ve got to admit, when I first started the show, who wouldn’t have a crush on Julianne?… When I watched the show for Season 4, [with] Billy Ray [Cyrus]… I ended up getting addicted to the show and just like, voting for Julianne and Apolo [Anton Ohno] the whole season.”

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In fact, when Cody found out Julianne was his “Dancing” Season 7 partner, he bragged about it.

“I was super excited. I was like, ‘Yeah!’ I was telling all my buddies, ‘I got Julianne Hough as my partner.’”

As for Julianne, who also attended the CMAs last night where she presented an award, she admitted to being touched by Cody’s Tuesday night tears.

”[When] Cody started crying, I was like ‘Awww,’ You know, I’m a baby too. But it’s only when he stared saying these like, really amazing things about me — that really touched me,” Julianne said of her own Tuesday night waterworks.

But what does she think of brother Derek’s opinion that Cody has her for a crush?

“If it is [true], he hides it well ‘cause I would never know,” she said. “Maybe I’m just completely naive to the fact that he does. I don’t know.”

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