Chris Brown Facebook Status: It's Complicated

Singer accused of beating girlfriend Rihanna updates his page

You've never truly broken up with someone until you change your Facebook relationship status to "Single." Thus, it appears that singer Chris Brown is no longer Rihanna's boyfriend.

The revelation came after accusations that the R&B singer beat up Rihanna the night of the Grammy's after she allegedly found a booty-call text message on Brown's phone and became enraged. The LAPD continues to investigate the incident.

While Brown is taking his own beating at the hands of the media, he's taking his own personal campaign of vindication to the Internet--namely his Facebook page. It's supposed to be a private page, but online gossip site got a screengrab of Brown's purported profile page, which lists his relationship status as single and shows him frolicking with a brunette woman whose identity is obscured.

If it is indeed Brown's page, he seems to have gotten over Rihanna fairly quickly. In the "What are you doing right now?" field, Brown seems to have entered "Christopher Maurice Brown thinks you'll begin to see her true colors. Believe It!" It's easy to assume that the note is in reference to his now-ex-girlfriend.

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