Chicago-Style Dogs in Dupont Circle?

Hotel imports Midwest delicacy

Want a taste of Chicago?  Head to Dupont Circle.

The Hotel Tabard Inn has imported some of Chicago's finest hot dogs to give guests a flair for the Midwest while they're in town for President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration.

Red Hot Chicago shipped 125 of its famous hot dogs and all the trimmings overnight to the hotel restaurant, which will add them to the menu leading up to the inauguration.

So 125 hot dogs, poppy seed buns, neon green relish and everything else that goes on a Red Hot will be available to guests in the District. 

And if you're wondering if a Washingtonian knows how to serve up a proper dog, don't worry -- the Tabard Inn's chef is a Chicago native.

Tabard Inn rep Jeremiah Cohen, who is also from Chicago, said that while they only have 125 hot dogs to go around this weekend, "if it's a big hit we'll continue it indefinitely."

How to make a Chicago-style hot dog:

1. Fill a steamed hot dog bun with a pure beef hot dog or polish sausage
2. Add a line of yellow mustard from end to end
3. Add approx. 1 teaspoon of green relish from end to end
4. Add approx. 1 teaspoon of fresh chopped onions from end to end
5. Add 2 fresh tomatoes wedges along the back of the bun
6. Add a crisp kosher-style pickle spear along front of bun
7. Top with a couple of spicy sport peppers
8. Add a couple of shakes of celery salt to complete a fully-dressed “Chicago-Style“ sandwich
(Courtesy Red Hot Chicago)

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