Cher On Finding Love: ‘Guys Don't Want To Be Mr. Cher'

Yesterday, Cher confirmed she is healthy and happy in a new interview with Access Hollywood’sBilly Bush. But in part two of Billy’s sit down with the singing superstar, she shared some revelations about her love life.

“You look beautiful,” Billy began. “Can I ask, are you dating?”


“I don’t do that,” a coy Cher answered. “It’s hard enough to have just a plain life. It’s hard enough to just get around without the paparazzi up your a**, you know? [A] relationship [with] me – it’s really hard for the guy and ruins his life.”

Cher, who has dated a host of gorgeous men over the years, many who were not known prior to their relationship with the Oscar winner, said that for some men, dating the superstar is not easy.


“It’s not hard for me because I don’t care,” she said. “I’ve done this my whole life, but you know, guys don’t want to be Mr. Cher.”

But the ageless Cher told Billy she does secretly have a boyfriend.

Though she wouldn’t reveal the name of her current paramour, the 62-year-old stunner had plenty of other things she wanted to share, including her feelings on the current state of politics.

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“I’ve been alive for 11 presidents. And I feel this is the worst time I’ve ever seen,” Cher said “I honestly think that there are some people that are healing people and there are some people like this president we have right now, that are just… he’s the big decider but I think he’s the big divider. I think he’s a lot of other things that I can’t say on television.”

Officially an independent, Cher, who turned up on the Access Hollywood set in a “Barack the Vote” sweatshirt and tee, is an Obama supporter. Cher has been stumping for the presidential hopeful by calling radio stations around the country.

But there is another choice on the ballot, one which hits close to home.

“On the ballot in California is Proposition 8 which seeks to remove the rights for gay people to marry,” Billy said. “Your daughter is gay — Chastity. Have you spoken about this with her? How does she feel about this?”

“No,” Cher said. “I did my ballot the other day and I just thought, ‘Well, this is so stupid. Why is this even here? Why do we think we have the right to tell people what to do? Why do we think that we can govern other people’s lives?’ … Even if you don’t agree with it, it’s none of your business.”

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