Cheetah Cubs Can Haz Names?

I Can Has Cheezburger Team Up With National Zoo

LOLcats, apparently, include big cats. The Internet's most beloved catspeak site, I Can Has Cheezburger, has teamed up with the National Zoo for a cheetah naming contest.

The site is posting a new picture of a cheetah cub every day through Sunday. Readers can write a caption that includes their selection of name for a chance to win.

The legal rules, frankly, are hilarious. Selected excerpts below (emphasis added):

  • "The Smithsonian will select the winner based on the cleverness, creativity, humor, originality, appropriateness-to-the-cheetah of the name and caption, as determined in its sole discretion."
  • "To enter, entrants submit their e-mail contact information along with a name and caption to the designated cheetah photographs through the Cheezburger Network's lolbuilder online. Name must be clearly identified in entry, for instance, an entrant may submit "Osei says: I can fix this... sorta." The proposed name is "Osei" and the caption is "I can fix this... sorta.”

Also, no drug references, people!

Since two cubs will be named, the zoo will award two prizes. Each consists of the pure fact of naming of cheetah (come on, that's awesome), plus a framed image of the named cub with a personalized message from the keeper, and an adopt-a-cheetah package (fair market value of approximately $65).

And no, you do not get to win an actual cheetah.

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