Car Owners Seek Reimbursement After Engine Replacements

A couple of car owners found themselves with unexpected expenses after getting their engines replaced.

Jorge of Lorton said he had his Volkswagen’s engine replaced at a local dealer.

When he picked it up after three weeks, he said there was a bad smell in the car and standing water in the floorboard.

He said he had the car detailed but the dealership refused to cover the cost.

After NBC4 Responds contacted the dealership, it reviewed the case and agreed to reimburse the $289.

Raleigh Dickson of Glenarden, Maryland, said his auto warranty company agreed to cover the cost of replacing the engine in his SUV but denied the claim after the work was done because they thought it was done by a mobile repair shop.

The company that did the work has the word "mobile" in its name, but the engine was replaced at the physical location. Dickson tried to explain that to the warranty company.

After NBC4 contacted the warranty company, it looked into it and agreed to reimburse Dickson $5,800.

Reported by Susan Hogan, produced by Meredith Royster and Ashlea Sigman, and edited by Perkins Broussard.

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