Beer-Pong Ban Gets Sunk

We've all heard of the smoking ban that's been affecting many bars but a beer-pong ban?

Yesterday, Sen. George W. Della Jr. backed down on his goal to ban drinking games such as beer pong and flip cup in Baltimore bars after facing a storm of emails voicing displeasure, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Della, a Baltimore Democrat, was against the drinking games saying it encouraged excessive drinking and caused rowdy behavior.

Members of beer pong leagues in Baltimore spread the word quickly and encouraged their friends to send angry emails to Della, hoping he would abandon his efforts to end their booze-filled games, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Well, it worked. Della withdrew the legislation yesterday and said that he doesn't have the time to fool with all the emails and just hopes people play(drink) responsibly.

Thankfully, I don't think there is any talk in D.C. to ban drinking games. You can only imagine the devastation a flip cup ban would cause for District kickball players! Until that day comes, I'll get the next pitcher.

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