Angel's Rescue

The ice cracked and Angel fell through

When Angel decided to go for a walk yesterday afternoon, she almost didn't come back.

The three-year-old bassett hound owned by Paula Bartello of Fredericksburg had gone out to the pond behind Bartello and her husband Carl Lawson's house on Franklin Street around 4:30 p.m. The ice seemed solid, until the Angel got to the middle of the lake and it cracked, sending the dog into the icy waters.

Luckily for Angel, rescue workers at the City of Fredericksburg Fire Department made it to the lake within ten minutes of Bartello and Lawson's 911 call.

This isn't the first Angel has been fascinated by the ice; Bartello says the bassett hound has gone to the water before. But Angel is not a fan of the water. In the summer, the bassett hound won't even go in it, according to Bartello, who said she believes Angel was really trying to get to a dog park on the other side of the pond.

To be on the safe side, though, the family had built a small fence around the back of their yard, which sits along the pond.

It didn't deter the bassett hound for long on Saturday; she jumped over it to get to the ice.

After her icy dip, whether she decides to do it again might be another story...

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