Supermodel's Ex Has No Interest in Seeing “50-Year-Old Woman Naked”

Divorce suit between former Ranger and supermodel gets ugly

Carol Alt had lots of good things to say about former hockey player Ron Greschner when she testified in federal court Tuesday about their 18-year marriage. But outside of court Greschner wasn't as kind about the Sports Illustrated covergirl who is accusing him of cheating her out of investment profits earned during their marriage.

"I have no interest in seeing a 50-year-old woman naked," Greschner said of Alt, who is actually 47. "My wife right now is 40 and hot after five kids."

The former Rangers captain made the statement, according to the New York Post, in reference to Alt's scheduled appearance in the December issue of Playboy magazine.

Inside the courtroom, Alt said she completely trusted the former New York Rangers defenseman, who handled her finances until 1999. "I loved Ronnie always," she told Judge Colleen McMahon, who is expected to announce her verdict in the civil case Wednesday. "He was lovely with me. I had no reason to worry. ... He was the most important person in my adult life."

The actress-model recalled telling Greschner as they discussed money after separating in 1997: "My career's on the way down. Can you just be fair?"

Alt, who has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue and on TV shows including "King of the Hill" and "The Apprentice," sued Greschner for $1 million after seeing him in January 2007 at a Rangers game and inquiring about their joint investment in a water filtration business. The business had been sold 10 years earlier, though Greschner said he did not owe Alt money because profits that might have triggered a payout under their separation agreement were swallowed by taxes.

Greschner, 53, testified he acted fairly according to the terms of their divorce settlement.

Greschner, since remarried, lives in West Palm Beach, Fla., and is raising three boys, aged 6, 8, and 12, and two girls, aged 3 and 5. He did not have any children with Alt, who lives in Manhattan. He said he holds season tickets to Rangers games and likes to take his children along, though he is kept busy in Florida with several businesses related to real estate and a sports memorabilia company.

He said he's feeling the effects of his age after suffering at least four concussions as a player and breaking six ribs doing work around his house two years ago. "I'm 53 going on 78," he said.

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