A GPS for Your Social Life

Foursquare means you'll never have any quiet time ever again. Yay!


Meet the newest social networking kid on the block, Foursquare, which ensures you'll never have to be alone again (unless you want to be -- in which case, just turn off your phone already).

So how's it work? Download the application for your iPhone -- the BlackBerry version isn't scheduled to launch for a few more months -- or just use text messages to enter your location.

The app will find cool spots near your current location, or figure out where you can meet your friends in a hot sec.

Some tech bloggers are murmuring that Foursquare could be the next Twitter. GASP! As if anything could ever replace Twitter. Just like nothing will ever replace DOS, Windows 3.1, AOL dialup or Friendster.

"We are not competitive, rather complementary," said Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Foursquare. "We are specific on using locations to enable social interactions."

You'll also receive exclusive tips and "points" for every place you discover. The more adventurous you are, the more points you'll get. Compete with friends and other city residents to find out who will rule (virtually) the most hyped spots of your city. Venues, of course, get free advertising and new customers.

Venue owners in New York and San Francisco are already rewarding players with goodies like free beer or appetizers. We can only hope that D.C. gets on the ball with that soon, because, free fries? Totally worth a download.

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