Georgetown's George Celebrates Halloween a Weekend Early

Look no further for weekend Halloween plans -- the fifth annual Halloween party at George (3251 Prospect St. NW) has got you covered.

This Georgetown event is just the four-hour, open bar, costumed frenzy you've been looking for to kick off your Halloween celebrations. Beginning Saturday, Oct. 26 at 9 p.m. and lasting until 1 a.m., the party of George is structured madness at its finest.

Admission begins at $30 for the "super early bird" crowd, but they'll go up as the event gets closer, with prices topping out at $100, so purchase your tickets quickly.

Use all the money you'll save to invest in decent costumes for you and your friends, because the best costume group of the night wins a $250 tab. Moral of that story: Travel in small, well-dressed droves.

For tickets, visit their site here.

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