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As any insurance agent will tell you, life is full of surprises.

Just ask Michael Lee. The recent college grad was just two years into his tenure as an Allstate sales producer in Springfield, VA when he was deployed with the U.S. Army to Iraq.

Following a 23-month tour of duty, Michael—like most vets—was forced to readjust to civilian life. Starting his own business was a top priority, which is why Michael applied for an Allstate Agency ownership opportunity.

With no franchise fees and no prior insurance background required, the Allstate Agency ownership opportunity is perfect for candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to run his or her own business and some capital to invest in start up costs. You’ll get hands-on experience by hiring and motivating a staff and obtaining the appropriate licenses, while your involvement in the community means you’ll be familiar with the diverse cultures and needs of your customers.

It’s a rewarding career that Michael Lee has thrived at. After opening his own Allstate Agency in 2007, Michael got married and, along with his wife, is raising a family of three charming boys. Just as he did on the front lines, Michael makes it his business to help others, ensuring his clients are taken care of during a disruption in their lives -- whether it be a minor fender bender or something more catastrophic.

But what Michael truly enjoys as an Allstate Agency owner is his involvement in the community. As a fluent Korean speaking agent, Michael is able to help Korean clients who might need extra attention and support. Because of his personal background, Michael understands the challenges and obstacles Korean clients may face because of the the language barrier. Not only does Michael serve the Asian community well, but he also understands the wonderful diversity within the DC metro area and has built a team of staff that can serve all the needs of the marketplace. The staff in Michael’s agency speak four different languages – Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and English.

Michael Lee is the model candidate for the Allstate Agency ownership opportunity, an entrepreneur at heart who is passionate about helping people, understanding and serving the diverse needs in his community and growing his business over time to help the local economy.

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