New Cruise Ship Stops at the Wharf for a Cool $4,700 Per Person

Prices to book a spot on the cruise range from a whopping $4,705 to $9,750

American Cruise Lines: American Constitution

All the development on The Wharf now comes with one new attraction: A small cruise ship stops there as part of a historic cruise, but the journey comes with a steep price tag.

The American Revolution Cruise is a 10-night, 11-day trip that allows people to "travel back to the dawn of America," with stops in D.C. and historic cities in Maryland and Virginia, including Annapolis, Baltimore, Norfolk and Williamsburg.

Prices to book a spot on the cruise range from $4,705 to $9,750. Apparently, the cost isn't a deterrent to everyone — some of the trips already have a waitlist for certain room types.

The relatively steep price comes in part because of the new amenities, all-inclusive dining and the small-ship atmosphere that still offers a lot of space, a spokeswoman for American Cruise Lines, which operates the ship, told NBC4.

"It's a wonderful, all-American company," she said. "This is an educational and sophisticated style of cruising."

This cruise ship takes up to 175 passengers and has 90 staterooms. It is one of 10 ships that American Cruise Lines operates. Many of the rooms come with a private furnished balcony, and suites can be as big as 450 square feet.

Ship restaurants serve regional cuisine, including Old Bay poached shrimp and jumbo lump crabcake. The company also boasts on-board experts who host historical and cultural programs.

The ship stays close to the coasts of the Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River. The coastal cruise may be preferable for people who want to see land, instead of just open water for most of the time.

The inaugural trip of the American Revolution Cruise left from Baltimore on April 18, and the next one leaves Saturday.

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