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Jackson 20's Amish Chicken a Worldly Delight



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    Sery Kim

    Rooted on Old Town Alexandria's bustling King Street, with a cozy and inviting interior, Jackson 20 (480 King St., Alexandria) has remained consistent -- and consistently good. Basics such as cheese and charcuterie fill their appetizer menu, as well as salads, and typical meat or fish dishes for dinner.

    Recently, I ventured there again and fortuitously tried Jackson 20's latest entrée -- their Pan-Seared Amish Chicken, which is definitely worth writing about.

    The dish arrived at a perfect temperature, almost steaming. The breast and thigh had a slightly sweet-and-salty texture. Of course, the skin was lightly crisp, with just enough of the accompanying jus to meld all the various textures and flavors together.

    The tasty chicken pieces were laid on a bed of mashed potatoes and market vegetables. For $22, this was the best dish I have had at Jackson 20.

    Otherwise, I have no preference for their side dishes, such as the mac and cheese or the mashed potatoes, so I recommend just stick with the appetizers and the Amish Chicken.