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Alexandria Library Hosts Speed Dating



    Library Speed Dating

    Northern Virginia Bureau reporter David Culver checks in at an Alexandria library offering more than just books for its patrons. (Published Friday, Jan. 11, 2013)

    A library in Alexandria, Va., hosted its first speed-dating event and has plans for more.

    The folks who attended the event in the Beatley Library are all about efficiency. There was little time for awkward pauses or second thoughts, but just when they got comfortable, time was up and it was on to the next date.

    The rules are pretty simple. You sit down, shake hands, get to know each other a little bit, then three minutes later, you move along.

    "You really get that more intimate setting that the online option cannot provide," Alexandria Library Communications Officer Kimberly Nathaniel said.

    Kayla from Annandale found her potential suitors a little older, but still she made conversation and shared a few laughs.

    There were more women than men, which turned out well for Arash, Kayla’s best friend serving as a wing man.

    "I came here because my friend didn't want to come by herself, and I figured, you know, it's an opportunity to be social, so why not?" he said.

    He recommends the buddy system for others.

    "Come with a friend, ‘cause at least you leave smiling," he said.

    About 15 people showed up for the first speed-dating program at the library Thursday night. Five more are scheduled for this year. Next up: 7 p.m. on Valentine’s Day.