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12 Days of ZooLights: Kiwi

12 Days of ZooLights



    12 Days of ZooLights: Kiwi
    Megan Murphy/National Zoo

    Haven't made it to the National Zoo this holiday season? Catch up on what you're missing with our 12 Days of Zoo Lights. From Nov. 23 to Jan. 1, the zoo is illuminated with a sparking light display featuring sculptures of many of the zoo’s most popular animals. We're sharing one with you each day.

    Today's animal: Kiwi

    ZooLight Debut: 2007

    Number of lights used: 124

    Habitat: Most kiwis are native to New Zealand and are found in bushes and farmlands.

    At the zoo: The National Zoo has several brown kiwis at the Bird House. It's is the only place where kiwis can be found outside of New Zealand.

    Bet you didn’t know... Kiwis have the largest egg-to-body ratio of any bird.

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