12 Days of ZooLights: Hummingbird

12 Days of ZooLights

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    Haven't made it to the National Zoo this holiday season? Catch up on what you're missing with our 12 Days of ZooLights. From Nov. 23 to Jan. 1, the zoo presents a sparking light display featuring sculptures of many of the zoo’s most popular animals. We're sharing one with you each day.

    Today's animal: Hummingbird

    ZooLights debut: The hummingbird display was first featured in 2007.

    Number of lights used: 350

    Habitat: Hummingbirds are only found in the Americas in large cities and forested areas.

    At the zoo: There are no hummingbirds at the zoo currently.

    Bet you didn't know... Hummingbirds cannot hop or walk.


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