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Blake Shelton Says He Was ‘Jumping at the Opportunity' to Be With Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton dropped by "The Late Show" on Thursday, where he said that people "can't blame" the country singer for wanting a romance with Gwen Stefani

In this Jan. 26, 2020, file photo, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton attend the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles.
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Blake Shelton is once again finding himself responding to people who don't think it makes sense that he's engaged to Gwen Stefani.

The 44-year-old country star was a guest on "The Late Show" on Thursday, where host Stephen Colbert asked him about the response to the recent Super Bowl commercial that he starred in with his fiancée.

"Let me tell you something, man, I've been in this business now as far as being a country singer for 20 years, this year is 20 years," Shelton said. "And clearly none of that mattered compared to being in a Super Bowl commercial. Because you win an award and you think people that are in your life, they're gonna text you. And I've had a little bit, but not until I was in a Super Bowl commercial did I really feel like I connected with everybody."

He continued, "Now I know officially how many people watch the Super Bowl. I mean, my phone was on fire. It was melting that night."

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Colbert then pulled up a photo from the day that Shelton and Stefani got engaged, making it clear he hasn't quite gotten over the fact that they feel like an unlikely pairing.

"I'll tell you something that surprises a lot of people, and I'm not sure if you're aware of this, is that you're engaged to Gwen Stefani!" the host quipped. "What the hell is going on?"

At this, Shelton was a good sport.

"Nobody is more shocked about this than I am," he joked. "I mean, I know it makes no sense. I can see that you're looking at that picture right now going, What the hell has happened?"

When Colbert then kidded that he assumed Stefani "lost a bet," Shelton encouraged the comedian to keep at it.

"Bring it on, I can take it, I can take it," he said. "Trust me, I understand."

He added, "You can't blame me for jumping at the opportunity, though." This led the host to emphatically agree.

Shelton must be getting used to these types of exchanges, as this one mirrored a chat he had with "Today's" Natalie Morales on Wednesday about the Super Bowl spot.

"Every day, if I look at social media or wherever, there's always somebody commenting, going, 'Man, what the hell happened to this world where Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are a thing now,'" Shelton said with a smile. "So we thought it'd be fun to have some fun with it."

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