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Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

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Bobsledder Steven Holcomb Calls Out "Scared" Jimmy Fallon Over Chicken Wings Joke

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    Bronze medal-winning bobsledder Steven Holcomb hit back after newly-minted "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon made him the butt of an Olympic joke.

    During a segment on the Sochi Games on his inaugural "Tonight Show" broadcast Monday night, Fallon handed out high school yearbook-style "superlatives" to athletes. He chose Holcomb, a 5-foot-10, 225-pound former Utah National Guardsman of seven years, as "the most likely to be found with a chicken wing in his pocket."

    Other American Olympians who drew Fallon’s attention: snowboarders Chas Guldemond (most likely to host an interior design show on HGTV) and Danny Davis (most likely to turn water into weed). Ice dancer Charlie White was deemed "most likely to say, 'Fear not! For I bring tidings of great joy.'"

    Holcomb, given the chance to respond, told NBC's Dan Patrick, "I actually did offer Jimmy a ride [in the bobsled] at the beginning of the season and he declined. He said he was scared."

    He didn't go much further though, simply adding that "It is what it is, he tried to take a jab at me and that's fine," he said. "It happens. We'll work something out." 

    Later he took to Twitter with a more playful attitude.

    Holcomb's bronze medal win with bobsled partner Steven Langton was a huge personal victory as well as a history-making run. The pair became the first Americans to win the event since 1952. Holcomb, meanwhile, had overcome severe vision problems and a long battle with depression to make it to the medal podium.

    After finishing his final run Holcomb hugged his coach and said, according to The Associated Press, "Thank God, man. There was a lot of pressure on me out there."