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Lena Dunham Gets Naked on "Saturday Night Live"

In another spoof of "Girls," Dunham played Eve in a movie trailer for a biblical film "Girl"



    Lena Dunham Gets Naked on "Saturday Night Live"
    Lena Dunham played Eve in a "SNL" spoof of "Girls."

    “Girls” creator Lena Dunham hosted "Saturday Night Live” this weekend and she addressed frequent nudity on her hit HBO series right away.

    "If you’re nervous about giving a speech just imagine the audience naked, or at least imagine they haven’t seen you naked,” Dunham, who's was hosting "SNL" for the first time, said in her opening monologue.

    “I mention that because…some people complain about the nudity on 'Girls,' but every show has its thing," she said. "'Seinfeld' had the puffy shirt, 'Home Improvement' had the neighbor talking over the fence, and we have very graphic sex scenes.”

    “That’s our thing,” she said casually.

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    Dunham went on to explain that although she loves her job, the one downside to playing Hannah Horvath, is that fans feel comfortable asking her very personal questions.

    “That’s why I’m happy to be here at 'SNL' where people actually respect boundaries,” she said, only to be interrupted by cast member Vanessa Bayer, who wanted "to tell her something very personal” and proceeded to discuss details about her boyfriend.

    Cast members Adily Bryant and Bobby Moynihan also followed Bayer’s lead and started to discuss personal issues. Moynihan walked on stage in a robe, opened it in front of Dunham and asked, “Is this normal?”

    An embarrassed Dunham mentioned that her 94-year-old grandmother, Dorothy (Kate McKinnon) was in the audience. She apologized to her “Grandma Dot,” but Dunham’s grandmother started to tell her own story.

    “You know in 1940, only the cool girls went to third base, and I was cool as hell,” she said.

    In another spoof of  "Girls," Dunham played Eve in a movie trailer for a biblical film "Girl," coming to theaters after "Noah" and "Son of God."

    The movie, about "Lena Dunham's unique take on the life of Eve as a struggling twenty something in the Garden of Eden" also starred Adam, played by "Girls'" Adam Driver (Taran Killam) and another "Girls" castmember Shoshanna as the snake's head.

    Naturally, both Dunham and Adam strutted naked through the garden.

    "You're like a part of me, literally. God made you from my rib, kid," Adam told Dunham in his trademark baritone, when she tried to find out if he's seeing other women.

    "Oh my God, that is like so sexist, I can't believe you even bring that up right now," Dunham exclaimed. "Like, take a gender or women's studies class."

    And when Dunham -- like biblical -- Eve finally gave into temptation, she complained, “I know I committed original sin," she said sitting in a pile of half-eaten apples, "but at least it’s original, I think I deserve some credit for that, or at least a publishing deal.”

    The trailer quoted a review by A.O. Scott of  "The New York Times" which said, “Even for Adam and Eve, there’s a lot of nudity” in "Girl."

    Bringing attention to Dunham’s feminist side, a sketch placed her in a situation with a male activist who fought against Planned Parenthood and equal pay among men and women. Realizing what he was getting into, Bruce (Mike O’Brien) -- the only boyfriend that showed up to a jewelry party -- tried to cover up what his job was by saying he’s a “grassroots activist.”

    His girlfriend, Marisol (Cecily Strong) from Venezuela completely outed him, not understanding why he was trying to cover up his career.

    "Bruce is a men's rights activist, he fights equal pay of men and women" she said proudly.

    "You fight against equal pay for men and women?" Dunham asked.

    "I fight for the right to be paid more, if you're a man," he said nervously. 

    Dunham's character explained what Planned Parenthood was to Marisol and she quickly changed her mind about her boyfriend.

    In a spoof scene of the political TV drama “Scandal,” Sasheer Zamata played Olivia Pope, who instructed her team of "gladiators" to solve the newest crisis as fast as possible. Dunham's character Kelsey, was tasked with placing a bug on the Mexican ambassador’s wife but felt overwhelemed by the intense environment.

    “You just talked so fast I literally have a thousand follow up questions,” Kelsey told Olivia.

    In a dramatic scene, President Fitzgerald Grant entered Olivia's office and professed his love to her. But Olivia ignored him, focusing on her work. Kelsey couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

    “That was the President of the United States, how are you not texting like a thousand people right now?” she asked.

    In the cold open scene President Obama (Jay Pharoah) addressed the United States regarding the Russia's standoff over Ukraine's southern region of Crimea. He said, since Crimean lawmakers have voted to hold a referendum that would decide on whether to leave Ukraine, "I've heard so many questions from the American people, like 'is this the first step towards war? What can the United States do? And hold up, what's Crimea?'" 

    Obama explained that he's taken steps to end the crisis, and specifically mentioned his hour-long conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday.

    "I told him that one country can't violate international law by invading another country. And he spent the rest of our conversation by pretending to sneeze while loudly saying 'Iraq'!"

    The president admitted that Putin was acting tough and that now, desperate times call for desperate measures.

    "So I called in a friend," he said, as actor Liam Neeson entered the scene. 

    "Crimea has been taken," said Neeson. "I hate it when things are taken," referencing his 2008 movie "Taken."

    “Weekend Update" also poked fun at Obama's icy relationship with Putin.

    “President Obama this week warned President Vladimir Putin who had sent warships to Crimea that he’s on ‘the wrong side of history,’” reported Cecily Strong. “Pretty strong words for a guy who uses a Blackberry."

    In light of Sunday’s season finale of HBO's “True Detective” series, co-anchor Colin Jost introduced Matthew McConaughey (Taran Killam) to discuss his time on the show.

    When Jost congratulated McConaughey on his recent Oscar win for “Dallas Buyers Club,” the actor said – similar to his ambiguous Oscars acceptance speech -- “Don’t congratulate me, congratulate the man I was a week ago, congratulate the man I’m chasing, congratulate the man who never existed.”

    “And who’s that?” asked Colin.

    “That’s me,” said McConaughey who continued to answer Jost’s questions with other questions and unclear metaphors. He also referred to Jost as Co-Jo.

    Grammy Award winning band The National performed "Graceless," and "I Need My Girl." 

    "Saturday Night Live" will return March 29 with Louis C.K. as host.