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Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

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Jon Stewart Announces the "Homophobic Olympics"

"The games' host nation has opened its arms to the world," Stewart said. "Well, 90 percent of the world."

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    Jon Stewart Announces the "Homophobic Olympics"

    Jon Stewart addressed the controversy surrounding Russia's 2014 Sochi Olympics due to the country's anti-gay legislation.

    "The games' host nation has opened its arms to the world," Stewart said on "The Daily Show" Tuesday. "Well, 90 percent of the world."

    Stewart played a clip of a news report claiming that some protesters against the anti-gay legislation were being beaten by police.

    "Well there's a 2014 Olympic tourism motto," Stewart said. "Russia: where the police don't always help the people beating you."

    Stewart then introduced a competition he claimed was taking place concurrently with the Olympics: "The 2014 Homophobic Olympics."

    "The great thing about the Homophobic Olympics is that just like the regular Olympics, every nation can take part," Stewart said. "Like the Jamaica's bobsled team or when Saudi Arabia competed in women's beach volleyball."

    The host proceeded to discuss different countries he deemed as "this year's homophobic hopefuls."

    A clip played revealed the news that India had again criminalized homosexuality, making it a crime punishable by 10 years of jail. Stewart then made a joke involving the Kama Sutra.

    "Yes because traditional Indian culture has always held that sex is meant to be between a man and a woman," Stewart said, "who is apparently being suspended by two other woman wearing nipple chains over the penis of the man who was upside down at the time while thoughtfully massaging the assisting woman's genitalia."

    Following a clip about how gay people in Nigeria can be jailed for just meeting with each other, Stewart said: "Strong opening move. Good news for Nigeria's homophobia team. Bad news for Lagos' new production of Kinky Boots."

    Another news segment unveiled Nigeria's legislation that a citizen who helps a gay person can be prosecuted.

    "What the f***?" Stewart said. "There not just going after Will, they're going after Grace."

    Stewart continued to debate countries in his "competition."

    "Clearly the gay phobic country to beat this year is the mother Russia," Stewart said. "They've got home advantage and a star who's been making a name for himself. And what a contrast in styles you're about to see. The African brand of homophobia aggressive attacking slashing, literally. The Russians, more strategically, like chess players."

    Then, Stewart played brief video in which Russian President Vladimir Putin links gays to pedophiles.

    "Oh doctor, that has got to guarantee gold in the prestigious gay people pedophile conflation event," Stewart said. "What the hell was that Putin? Thats like me saying I have no problem with Russians just please when you come here don't f*** our bears."

    "Senior Olympics" correspondent Aasif Mandvi argued that America's homophobia "might take the gold."

    Although Stewart was apprehensive, Mandvi said, "Oh ye of little bigotry, we have got a strong field."

    To suport his case, Mandvi discussed "Bachelor" star Juan Pablo Galavis' recent remark that a gay version of the show wouldn't be a "good example for kids." 

    "Americans prefer seeing a dude serially banging 20 different girls he just met to whittle them down to the one he will break up with in a tabloid magazine?" Stewart asked.

     "Right, traditional marriage," Mandvi said.

     See the whole segment below or through this link.