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The First Lady's 9-Year-Old Pen Pal

Pair met during a "Sesame Street" appearance



    The First Lady's 9-Year-Old Pen Pal
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    First Lady Michelle Obama has a 9-year-old pen pal.

    A 9-year-old girl has a reason to actually keep up with the pen pal she started in grade school.

    That's because she's writing to none other than First Lady Michelle Obama.

    The lucky girl's name is Fatima Ptacek.

    Ptacek is a fourth-grader, a child actress and model. She met the first lady during an appearance on "Sesame Street" in September, and they've kept in touch.

    "Sometimes we send letters to each other saying hello," Ptacek told CBS News.  "She's great.  I look up to her -- literally."

    Ptacek doesn't just have an awesome pen pal. She has a great job, too. She's said to be raking in $250,000 a year.

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