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James Cameron Makes Nice with Pro Autograph Seeker

"Avatar" director ends fan "feud"



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    James Cameron has made nice with a professional autograph seeker.

    If the Na’vi can accept an avatar into their ranks, then director James Cameron can put aside his differences with an over-aggressive autograph seeker.

    “Avatar” director James Cameron posed for a picture with the same professional autograph seeker he was caught on tape last month calling an “A-hole” in an expletive-laden argument, TMZ reported.

    In December, video showed Cameron and the fan getting into it at LAX airport after Cameron refused to sign the man’s “Avatar” poster.

    On Sunday, the pair ran into each other again at a Golden Globes after-party, but this time Cameron “extended his hand and engaged the ‘fan’ in friendly banter,” the gossip site reported. The site even posted a pic of the former adversaries making nice.

    Perhaps, the fact that Cameron had just snagged two “Globes” for “Avatar” had something to do with the cheery mood.