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Clooney Hoping to Take Hoffman, Giamatti and Pine to "Farragut North"



    George Clooney's got a new movie, "The American," out today and now it appears he's got a new project lined up, a political thriller that he's hoping to pack with A-list talent.

    After sitting on the project for three years, Clooney is ready to get to work on "Farragut North," based on the off-Broadway play that debuted in 2007 about a political operative who gets caught up in a web of intrigue and scandal, reported Vulture.

    "Farragut North" (the name is taken from the Washington DC metro station closest to the hub of lobbying in our nation's capitol) was written by Beau Willimon, who based the story loosely on his experience working on Howard Dean's run for president in 2004. Here's the synopsis from the 2009 Geffen Playhouse production:

    Set against the backdrop of a close presidential race, Stephen ( Star Trek 's Chris Pine) a young press secretary working for a fast-rising candidate. With confidence and power beyond his years, he’s convinced that he and seasoned campaign manager, Paul ( Sex & the City 's Chris Noth), can steer their team into the west wing without breaking a sweat. But before the polls close at the primaries, Stephen’s perceived invincibility is shattered as he falls prey to backroom politics, the manipulations of veteran operatives and the wiles of a seductive young intern ( Juno 's Olivia Thirlby). With quick-witted banter and an inside look into the world of politics, Farragut North is a timely tale of hubris, loyalty and the lust for power.

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    Clooney is hoping to bring back Pine as Stephen, along with Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Paul, Paul Giamatti as the manager of a rival candidate, Evan Rachel Wood as the "seductive young intern," and Marisa Tomei as an investigative journalist.

    We liked Clooney's "The American," which is out today, while Giamatti's film "Barneys Version" premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival Sept. 10, Hoffman's directorial debut, "Jack Goes Boating," arrives Sept. 23, and Pine can next be seen Nov. 12 in "Unstoppable" opposite Denzel Washington, in which they team up to stop a runaway train.