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Virginia Gov. Sidesteps Redskins Name Debate



    Virginia Gov. Sidesteps Redskins Name Debate
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    MOUNT VERNON, VA - FEBRUARY 17: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe makes remarks during the "Official Observance of Washington's Birthday with the Governor" event at George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate, February 17, 2014 in Mount Vernon, Virginia. Monday is President's Day in the United States, where the nation celebrates the presidential birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

    Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe would prefer to focus on the economic benefits of hosting the Washington Redskins rather than weigh in on the debate over the team's nickname.

    McAuliffe visited the team's training camp in Richmond on Friday. Asked about the name, he says, "It is not up to a governor to tell a private business what to do with their business.''

    McAuliffe says he understands why some people are offended by the name, which is the subject of a sustained campaign by those who consider it a racial slur.

    Says McAuliffe: "I come at this as the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia... My job is to grow the economy, and I have a team here that is growing our economy.''