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More Than $20M Spent in Virginia on TV Ads



    Virginia is for lovers -- of campaign ads.

    In another sign of just how pivotal both sides see the commonwealth this fall, the presidential campaigns have spent a whopping $20.8 million on TV ads in Virginia. That’s second only to Florida and ahead of Ohio -- the perennial battlegrounds that have been critical to elections in the modern era.

    The presidential campaigns and outside groups have spent a whopping $20.8 million in Virginia, second only to the Sunshine State’s $22.8 million. Rounding out the top three is Ohio, with $19.3 million.

    For those living in the Norfolk-Portsmouth, Roanoke-Lynchburg, or Richmond areas, they have seen a deluge of advertising.

    Those three areas are all in the top 10 media markets, most saturated with political TV ads, in the country this week. Norfolk-Portsmouth is No. 1, Roanoke-Lynchburg is No. 4, Richmond sits at No. 6.

    Norfolk-Portsmouth, which also reaches parts of North Carolina, is the hottest media market in the country for the second-straight week.

    The ads being seen are coming from nine groups. The biggest spender has been the Obama campaign ($3.79 million), followed closely by conservative outside group Crossroads GPS ($3.77 million).

    But conservative groups are picking up the slack for the Romney campaign. Combined with Romney, anti-Obama advertising accounts for 61 percent of all money spent.

    Conservative outside groups -- not including the Romney campaign -- have spent $6 million. Democratic outside groups have spent $1.6 million.

    Hottest markets for this week 6/4-6/10 and in terms of advertising points:

    1. Norfolk-Portsmouth, VA (Romney/1500, Obama/825, Crossroads/630, Priorities/400)
    2. Columbus, OH (Romney/1500, Obama/815, Crossroads/600, Priorities/350)
    3. Cedar Rapids, IA (Obama/1600, Romney/850, Crossroads/600, Priorities/350)
    4. Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA (Romney/1500, Obama/815, Crossroads/750)
    5. Charlotte, NC (Romney/1500, Obama/750, Crossroads/600)
    6. Richmond, VA (Romney/1200, Obama/575, Crossroads/450, Priorities/350)
    7. Greensboro-High Point, NC (Romney/1000, Obama/700, Crossroads/675)
    8. Cincinnati, OH (Romney/1200, Obama/600, Crossroads/550)
    9. Des Moines, IA (Romney/850, Obama/550, Priorities/500, Crossroads/350)
    10. Greenville-Spartanburg, NC (Crossroads/1200, Obama/950)
    11. Raleigh-Durham, NC (Romney/900, Crossroads/700, Obama/575)

    Biggest spenders in the state through June 5:

    1. Obama $3.8 million
    2. Crossroads GPS $3.8 million
    3. Romney $1.3 million
    4. Priorities USA $1 million
    5. Americans for Prosperity $890,000
    6. Planned Parenthood $596,000
    7. American Future Fund $538,000
    8. American Energy Alliance $454,000
    9. Restore Our Future $350,000


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