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Stephen Strasburg and the Case of the "Hot Stuff" in the "Wrong Place"



    Stephen Strasburg had a rough day on the mound for the Washington Nationals Tuesday. He went four innings, allowed seven hits and four earned runs in a 6-1 loss to the San Diego Padres. It was the second-shortest outing of his career.

    After the game, manager Davey Johnson shared some, well, interesting knowledge that may have factored into Strasburg's struggles:


    Well, the first question is how did the ointment -- called "Hot Stuff" --  get onto Strasburg's nether regions? Was it a teammate in the clubhouse with the ointment? Doesn't look like it:

    Well, if it wasn't a teammate, then perhaps it was the heavy rain? Strasburg may have used the lotion to prepare for his start and the wet conditions caused it to slide down further than intended.

    Either way, I will give credit to Strasburg for having the testicular fortitude to play through that pain. That's just nuts. I wouldn't blame him if he was testes after the game.

    Case closed.

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