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Mike Shanahan Thought Passport, $3,700 Stolen From Briefcase In Pittsburgh, Filed Police Report

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    The Washington Redskins have lost a lot lately (three straight and four of five to be exact), so I don't blame you if those setbacks have started to run together, but remember the 27-12 beatdown from the Steelers Oct. 28? Priceless memories.

    Speaking of price, head coach Mike Shanahan thought he lost/someone stole valuable belongings from his briefcase at Heinz Field to the tune of $3,700 and his passport:

    After his team lost to the Steelers, 27-12, on Oct. 28, Shanahan complained to Steelers and stadium security officials that $3,700 and his passport were missing from a leather briefcase that was left unsecured in an open locker during the game. A security officer said Shanahan was visibly upset. 

    Despite being told that the locker room was secured throughout the game, Shanahan chose to file a report with Pittsburgh police. Officers subsequently met with Ed Burke, the Redskins’ security director.

    The report was withdrawn after Shanahan or someone associated with him called back — apparently the next day — and said the missing property had been stowed in another bag.

    We've all been there before. I leave huge wads of cash in my other pants all the time.

    Why Shanahan needed his passport for a trip to Western Pennsylvania is beyond me, but fortunately for him, everything turned out all right, which is more than he can say for the Redskins' 2012-13 season.

    (H?T SB Nation D.C.)

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