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JaVale McGee's Commercial Appeal



    Nick Young told us before he left D.C. for the summer that he wanted to try his hand at acting. While he has made strides in Hollywood in the form of fashion shoots, it looks like JaVale McGee might beat him to the small screen.

    JaVale, or "JMac," tweeted this attempt at a commercial spot.

    We don't know about you, but we think the idea of JaVale popping up in our bedroom out of nowhere is terrifying.

    Meanwhile, in super exciting planking news, we have a photo of the first ever plank on the new Wizards practice court. It comes to us from Wizards fan Corey Delin, who claims he's the real planking king and calls out JaVale.

    "JaVale's got nothing on me," he bragged to us. "Anytime he wants to go, I'll take him on."

    Those are some fighting words.

    JaVale has some impressive planks under his belt, so we're giving this round to JaVale. Just don't ask him, or Pierre, to owl. Owling is stupid.

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