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Bryce Harper Shares Story of Haunted Hotel Room



    Do you believe in ghosts? Bryce Harper might.

    In the current issue of ESPN The Magazine, the Nationals outfielder, along with several other MLB All-Stars, traded ghost stories relating to the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee, where most visiting teams stay when they play the Brewers.

    Allow me to set the scene.

    Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story...

    [Throws imaginary powder onto imaginary fire]

    "The Tale Of The Moving Thing In Hotels You Sit On To Put On Your Shoes":

    "One time last summer, before I went to sleep, I laid a pair of jeans and a shirt on that table at the foot of the bed, those things in hotels that you sit on to put on your shoes. I just laid 'em out, simple as that. When I woke up in the morning -- I swear on everything -- the clothes were on the floor and the table was on the opposite side of the room against the wall. I was so flustered. I honestly thought there might be someone in my room.

    "I had no idea what the hell just happened, so I actually looked around, and then I checked to see if the door was still latched, and it was. I thought someone -- maybe [Jayson] Werth -- came into my room during the night and moved everything around, and I knew Tyler Moore and [Steve Lombardozzi] were both near me too, but they said that no one had done anything like that.

    "Now, they could be lying to me. That's possible, and no one else seemed to have a weird experience, but it really creeped me out. I went downstairs and changed my rom immediately. Different room, different floor. I said, 'I just need to get out of that room. I don't want to talk about it, I just need to get out.' So they moved me to a higher floor."

    I declare this meeting of the Midnight Society closed. Well, until Aug. 2-4, when Harper and the Nationals visit Milwaukee.

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