Chef RJ Cooper Returns to Rogue 24

Rogue 24 chef was out for 10 weeks following heart surgery

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    Darrow Montgomery

    After 10 weeks on the sidelines while recovering from open-heart surgery, Rogue 24 chef-owner R.J. Cooper gets back to business on Tuesday.

    Cooper told the Washington Post that he's planning to revamp the entire 24-course menu.

    A few hints: one dish involves the Coop's take on a gyro (think lamb tartare wrapped in little lettuce leaves) and others may incorporate Oreos. But, it's probably best to expect the unexpected, or simply drop the expectations altogether -- the chef would prefer it that way.

    Young & Hungry is happy to see the Rogue Toque back on his feet. Watch Washington's most audacious molecular gastronomer make -- er, build -- me a sandwich here.

    Welcome Back, R.J. Cooper! was originally published by Washington City Paper on March 12, 2012.