U Street Music Hall Debuts the Octopus Cupcake

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    Jesse Tittsworth

    Is there no limit to the District's bizarre cupcake fetish? Buzz Bakery has cupcakes made with bacon and veggies. Then, Bourbon Steak unveiled the savory pork cupcake.

    Now, U Street Music Hall co-owner Jesse Tittsworth's entourage has attempted to push the boundaries of baked and frosted shark-jumping even farther with the octopus cupcake, dubbed "Moombahpus."



    Mona Wilson's Moombahpus Cupcake from Jesse Tittsworth on Vimeo.

    Georgetown Cupcake, Eat Your Heart Out: Jesse Tittsworth’s Crew Debuts the Octopus Cupcake was originally published by Washington City Paper on July 29, 2011.