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Wilbon Leaving Post for Bigger Role at ESPN



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    DETROIT - FEBRUARY 3: Sports writers Michael Wilbon and J.A. Adande (R) arrive for the ESPN The Magazine Next Party during Super Bowl XL weekend February 3, 2006 at the Colony Club in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

    Sportswriter Michael Wilbon is leaving The Washington Postto take on a bigger role at ESPN, the paper reported Thursday.

    "I knew the world had changed for him when, as we walked down the hall at the 2002 Super Bowl, we saw Mike Ditka," Cindy Boren wrote. "I wondered if Wilbon would stop Ditka to say hello. Turned out it was the other way around. Frankly, we've been on borrowed time ever since."

    Wilbon has been with The Post for almost 32 years, beginning as an intern from Northwestern University in 1979.

    He has been appearing on ESPN for the past several years, most famously on "Pardon the Interruption" with Tony Kornheiser.