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Duncan the Giraffe Euthanized at Central Florida Zoo

Duncan was the tallest giraffe at the Brevard Zoo

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    Getty Images
    Rear view of a giraffes upper neck and head.

    A giraffe at a central Florida zoo has been euthanized after suffering "chronic lameness" for more than two years.

    Duncan was the tallest giraffe at the Brevard Zoo. The 18-foot-tall reticulated giraffe was 11 years old.

    Zoo officials tell Florida Today that Duncan's illness affected his front legs and was life-threatening. It was treated with anti-inflammatory medications and rest, but officials say Duncan's condition had become worse recently with abnormal hoof growth.

    On Wednesday, Duncan collapsed after a procedure in a "restraining chute." Officials say they determined the animal was suffering from a stress-related condition that destroys muscle tissue, and that Duncan would not recover.

    The giraffe was euthanized.

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