Work Underway to Replenish Sand Lost at Virginia Beach During Hurricane Season

Shorelines lost thousands of yards of cubic sand during the 2012 hurricane season

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    Crews are working to replenish the sand at the Oceanfront and Sandbridge beaches in Virginia Beach, where shorelines lost thousands of yards of cubic sand during the 2012 hurricane season.

    The Virginian-Pilot reports: "Hurricane Sandy alone, which in October passed by Virginia Beach on its way to devastating the Northeast, scooped 190,000 cubic yards of sand from the Oceanfront and 130,000 from Sandbridge, [city water resources engineer Phil] Roehrs said."

    Dredgers are replenishing the beaches with sand taken from the Atlantic Ocean's floor.

    Roehrs said more than 1 million cubic yards of new sand is being added at the Oceanfront. Sandbridge is getting 2 million cubic yards of new sand.

    The work will also widen the buffer between the storm surf and Virginia Beach's homes and businesses. The widened beach will also offer more space for visitors to have fun, Roehrs said.

    Ocean Park Beach is scheduled to receive about 200,000 cubic yards of sand later this year. A replenishment project also is planned for Chic's Beach, but it might not begin for several years.