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Series of Burglaries Unnerve Germantown Residents

Police release security camera video



    (Published Tuesday, June 19, 2012)

    Montgomery County Police believe they have pictures of burglars who have residents of a Germantown neighborhood on edge.

    Imagine knowing that someone came up to your porch at 4 a.m., checked the door with an eye to breaking in, and then walked away when he noticed a security camera. 
    That's what happened at a home on Wheatridge Drive in Germantown the night of May 23.
    Police tell News4 the would-be burglar realized a camera was mounted in a corner of the porch. He attempted to hide his face, but his image was captured on surveillance video.
    Since April 6, burglars have hit at least 23 homes, and some of the burglaries happened while families were asleep inside. Captain Paul Starks said the thieves have also broken into cars, and have stolen a few.
    “This is a spree of crimes of opportunity," Starks said. "Many of these, if not all, could have been prevented had the home owner or the vehicle operator locked the car door, put the garage door down or locked the door to their homes."
    Investigators hope someone will recognize the man in the security camera video.  Police said that with a crime spree like this, the suspects often live in, or near, the affected neighborhood.