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Md. Traffic Stop Leads to Marijuana Bust

Hagerstown residents pulled over for unlit rear license plate



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    The zoning board turned down a proposed marijuana dispensary site.

    What started as a routine traffic stop turned into a major marijuana bust for the Maryland State Police early Friday morning in Hagerstown.

    A state trooper initially pulled over the 1979 Cadillac for not having a working light on the rear license plate. But that minor violation quickly took a back seat to the smell coming from the car.

    The suspicious scent prompted the trooper to search the vehicle, where he found a laundry bag containing nine pounds of freshly cut marijuana.

    That was more than enough to arrest 22-year-old Joshua Cunningham and 21-year-old Thomas Desmond, both of Hagerstown, on charges of possession with intent to distribute. Both men have been released on bond.