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Suspected Serial Burglar Caught After Police Find Cell Phone



    Police say the teen hasn't been processed or charged yet and won't be processed until 6 p.m.

    Cell phones are great technology. They're always working for us. Well, at least until we lose them and they start working for someone the police.

    A man suspected of burglarizing nearly 20 Anne Arundel County businesses was arrested after police recovered the cell phone he left behind.

    First, police found the phone on July 19 at the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds. Nine days later, they got video of the suspected break-in artist from a shaved ice stand in Pasadena.

    After using the phone to find people who might know the owner, Officers showed the video to family members of the suspect. Those family members identified him as 45-year-old David Evi Cooper.

    A warrant for Cooper was issued, and he was arrested on Tuesday after running a red light while on his motorcycle.

    Further investigation revealed that Cooper may be connected to burglaries at the following locations:

    Eastern District

    Severna Park Golf Center

    Gary’s Garden

    Arnold Farm Garden Center

    Rey’s Crab Shack

    Extra Space Storage

    Ice Shack

    Southern District

    Sweet Tarts Snowballs

    Peninsula Farms Produce

    Tubzie’s Shaved Ice

    Davidsonville Market

    Sue’s Deli

    Tropical Bay Water

    Western District

    Fischer Landscaping

    Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds

    Eisenhower Golf Course

    Crownsville Gardens

    Franklin Landscaping