Mother Claims Baby Found Coke Spoon in VA Motel 6

Child rushed to the hospital

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    Eleven-month-old Jahmai Portis.

    A mother claimed that during a recent stay at a Motel 6 in Virginia, her baby sucked on a spoon covered with cocaine, causing a trip to the emergency room.

    April Portis brought her 11-month-old son, Jahmai to Virginia Beach to meet her grandparents, sister station WAVY reported.

    Mother Said Infant Ingested Coke at Motel

    [DC] Mother Said Infant Ingested Coke at Motel
    A mother said that during a recent stay at a Virginia Beach Motel 6, her son found a spoon covered in cocaine and began teething on it. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012)

    Portis said while the child's grandmother was in the motel room to visit, she noticed the baby teething on an unfamiliar object.  The mother said when she took it away, it appeared to be a burnt metal spoon covered in cocaine residue.

    Police said the spoon did test positive for the illicit substance.  The child was rushed to the hospital and treated for "nontoxic accidental cocaine ingestion," WAVY reported.  The boy is expected to be OK.

    The family claims after the incident, the motel moved them to a different room, where they found a crack pipe.

    In a Statement to News4, Motel 6 says it takes guests concerns very seriously, and that management has taken measures to ensure standards of cleanliness are upheld.