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Michaele Salahi Got Through.. Would Michelle Ann Holt?

Did just plain Michelle Ann red-carpetize her name?



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    Who is Michaele Salahi really?

    Michaele Salahi Got Through the White House Gates. Would Michelle Ann Holt Have Gotten Through? was originally published on City Desk on Nov. 28, 2009, at 6:50 p.m.

    All the stories devoted to the White House security breach refer to the distaff half of the gate crashing duo as "Michaele Salahi."

    That's a cool name, one fit for a socialite and state dinner diner.

    But in Docket #GT08011085-00 from the Fauquier County courts, a routine traffic case from 2007, the same lady was just plain "Michelle Ann Holt Salahi."



    Did Sgt. Yancy, the cop who cited her for driving in Warrenton, Va., with expired tags, Warrentonize "Michaele"?

    Or did the officer correctly transcribe what he read on the defendant's driver's license? Did just plain Michelle Ann, hoping to make news in bigger towns than Warrenton someday, red-carpetize her name since getting the ticket, part of a master plan that will culminate this week with Michaele's appearance on "Larry King"?*

    And would the same stately gates that opened for Michaele have opened for just plain Michelle Ann?

    *Editor's note: CNN has confirmed that the Salahis have canceled their appearance on "Larry King Live."