Legos: "Towering Ambition" at the National Building Museum

Just like your old lego set on a grand scale

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    An artist named Adam Reed Tucker used nearly half a million lego blocks to create 15 of the world's most iconic landmarks. You don’t have to be a kid to be wowed by this exhibit called "Towering Ambition" at the National Building Museum.

    The buildings Tucker built piece by lego piece soar up to 18 feet.  They include his interpretation of the Empire State building and the St. Louis Gateway Arch. If you are lucky on the Fourth of July weekend, you can catch the artist while he’s building his sculpture of the White House

    Legos: "Towering Ambition" at the National Building Museum

    [DC] Legos: "Towering Ambition" at the National Building Museum
    Artist Adam Tucker's exhibit of 15 iconic landmarks made of nearly half a million legos at the National Building Museum. (Published Saturday, July 3, 2010)

    Kids have a large worktable to scoop up legos and build their own creations.
    It’s a learning experience.  Participants are encouraged to focus on one of four themes: residential, commercial, institutional and industrial.  But the bottom line is fun.  Kids built whimsical sculptures on opening day.

    Tucker says in his career as an artist, he’s drawing on his happy childhood memories of playing with legos: “I have a lot of fun in the personal time I have creating the buildings as a sense of therapy.  Also being here and seeing the kids, young in age and young at heart, viewing my sculptures and being inspired to do things and think about things in different ways.”

    Tickets to the exhibition are $5 per person. The first Tuesday of every month is free.  If you can’t make it this holiday weekend, the exhibit will be around until September of next year.