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GWU Student Dies After Dorm Window Fall

Police are trying to determine how a student fell from a fifth-floor window



    A George Washington University student died after falling from a dormitory window early Saturday morning.

    Twenty-year-old sophomore Taylor Hubbard fell out of a window from the fifth floor at Guthridge Hall.  A group of other students found the victim around 4 a.m. 
    "As we looked closer we realized his breathing was very erratic, and we saw his wrist was very swollen and he was bleeding with scratches, and we decided, 'Oh wait, this is not right. We have to call someone,' " said GW student Jenn Choi.
    Hubbard, from Maryland, was transported to a hospital, where he died.
    Hubbard's death was announced Sunday by university president Steven Knapp during GW's commencement ceremony. A moment of silence was held.
    Officials said Hubbard was not a resident of Guthridge Hall.
    D.C. and campus police are still investigating the incident.

    GWU Student Falls from Dormitory Window

    [DC] GWU Student Falls from Dormitory Window
    A group of students walking early Saturday morning find another student on the ground after a fall from a fifth story window.
    (Published Saturday, May 15, 2010)