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Man Accused of Selling Stolen iPhones at D.C. Electronics Store



    A Washington, D.C. electronics store owner is accused of selling hundreds of stolen phones, cameras and laptops at his store's location in Northwest.

    According to court documents, D.C. Police raided the 12 Volt Mobile Electronics store in the 300 block of H Street NW Monday and confiscated thousands of dollars worth of stolen electronics, including cell phones and electronic guitars. Officers also found Medicare, social security and credit cards.

    George Kucik with D.C. Police said the store owner, 49-year-old David Brown of Capitol Heights, Md. would buy the stolen items from individuals who conducted various crimes including robberies and burglaries, then re-sell them at his store.

    Detectives displayed some of the stolen items to members of the media Monday afternoon, showing about a third of the more than 500 items they seized earlier that day. 

    "We've linked about 50 of the items to 24 specific crimes that include robbery, burglary and theft from auto," Kucik said.

    Police believe Brown has been breaking the law for months, and possibly years.

    "We actually hit the store back in December 2011 and he was charged with stolen goods, so we think he's been doing this for quite some time," Kucik said.

    Brown is facing felony trafficking of stolen goods charges and police have ordered his store close for 96 hours pending a review of its business licenses.

    If you think something you own may have been re-sold at Brown's store, send an email to D.C. Police at Include serial numbers, identifying marks and Complaint Numbers.