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Coon Hunt Court Residents Want New Street Name



    (Published Friday, Sept. 7, 2012)

    Columbia, Md., has interesting street names that bring to mind hunting and the great outdoors, but residents object to one.

    “You just buy into a house and then you realize, I'm on Coon Hunt Court,” homeowner Shirley Sickels said.

    Rosalie Consiglio has been working to get the name changed a long time.

    “The problems I’ve had is embarrassment with the name,” she said. “My friends and co-workers have made fun of the name of my street. I realized, Wow, this really is a problem.”

    Residents feel the street name may have been an honest mistake, but it's been a problem for them since they moved in. Ambrose Lane Jr. has lived here 10 years.

    “Some people laugh,” said Ambrose Lane Jr., who has lived on Coon Hunt Court for 10 years. “Some people say, ‘Is that really the name of the street?’ I've gotten that over the years.”

    As much as Sickels dislikes the name, she has called for it to be replaced several times after it has been stolen. Her husband was sick, and she needed paramedics to be able to find her street.

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    About 3 miles away in another Columbia neighborhood, residents wanted a street name changed in 2005. Satinwood Drive used to be Satanwood, and neighbors didn't like the devilish connotation.

    There could be a second name change in Columbia. There are six houses on the cul-de-sac, and the homeowners unanimously signed a petition taken door to door by Howard County Councilman Calvin Ball to change the name.

    “It’s going to be called April Wind Circle,” Consiglio said, “and yes, I think it’s a lovely name."