Alexandria OKs New Plan For Its West End

Alexandria's West End could soon begin a transformation.

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    Alexandria city council discussing the Beauregard Small Area Plan, May 12, 2012.

    Alexandria's West End could soon take on a whole new look.

    On Saturday, the City Council approved the Beauregard Small Area Plan, which includes the community around Landmark Mall, Van Dorn and Beauregard Streets.

    The plan calls for the dedication of at least 800 units of affordable housing; the creation of a town center that includes retail, restaurants and a new grocery store; the building of a new fire station; the addition more bus service; the acquisition of open land for community athletics and the incorporation nearly six miles of bike lanes and trails.

    Approval comes after three years of meetings with residents, city leaders and civic organizations.

    Developer and city contributions would pay for the $210 million transformation.

    The vote was 6-0, with one abstention.