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Alexandria City Council Approves Beauregard Rezoning

Small Area Plan passes Council by 6 to 1 vote

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    Alexandria city council members discussing the Beauregard Small Area Plan last year.

    The Alexandria City Council has approved a rezoning plan for the Beauregard area of the city that will result in the demolition of approximately 2,500 low income apartments.

    The Council gave the OK to begin implementing the Beauregard Small Area Plan by a 6 to 1 vote Saturday. The plan, which was approved by the city's planning commission April 2, calls for the tearing down of apartment buildings on both sides of Interstate 395 near Exit 4, along Seminary Road, North Beauregard Street, and Sanger Avenue. Over the following 30 years, the buildings would give way to new condominiums and shopping areas.

    As part of the plan, developer JBG Companies would construct 6,300 more units, but only 800 of those would be considered affordable housing. 

    “The City of Alexandria has made an unprecedented commitment to preserving and protecting affordable housing, and the Beauregard Small Area Plan reflects that commitment,” said Mayor William D. Euille in a statement released Saturday.

    “We have listened to the community and to developers. We have worked hard to ensure that, through this rezoning, our long-term vision for Beauregard includes affordable housing, infrastructure improvements, a strengthened transportation system, and a public/private partnership that will provide resources so these enhancements can be realized. The plan will also ensure that the Beauregard area will become a walkable community with connectivity, accessibility and a new street grid.”

    Current residents in the area would receive a one-time payment of between $2,300 and $3,100 to help them move. Some residents could be forced to leave the area within the next 20 months.