Think Men Are An Enigma?

Learn more interesting facts about the gender

By Lisa Cleary
|  Wednesday, Feb 2, 2011  |  Updated 8:06 PM EDT
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Think Men Are An Enigma?


Head-turning facts about the male gender.


If you're not a male, you're bound to know at least one.  Here's more about what makes them tick and other fun related facts:

  • Men require more neurons in the brain to control the body, and their brain size is 10 percent larger than that of a woman.
  • When a man relaxes, 70 percent of his brain zones out.
  • Studies have shown that men are more efficient at focusing on one task at a time, as compared to multitasking.  When focused on one task, they only use one side of their brain.
  • The male body is composed of 50 percent more muscle mass than women.
  • There are more males than females in the world.
  • The amygdala is larger in males, which experts believe may lead to more aggressive outbursts.
  • The penis is longer and thicker than any other species.
  • One-third of men around the world are circumcised.
  • The word “father” dates back to an Old English term, “faeder,” used in the 1500s.
  • Males of other species tend to develop a lower voice to attract a female mate.  For this reason, experts believe that that is generally why, when going through puberty, males’ voices drop significantly lower -- sometimes, even an entire octave lower.
  • Before the 1900s, male nurses were more common.
  • The first Father’s Day was established on June 19, 1910, by Sondra Dodd, a woman.
  • Men are four times more likely to be murdered and 10 times more likely to commit murder.
  • Males are three to four times more likely than females to be diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder.
  • The average height of a man is 5 feet 8 inches.
  • The “Adam’s apple” in men is a result of the development of the larynx during puberty.
  • 60 percent of SUVs are purchased by men.
  • Of the 151 million men in the U.S., 64.3 million are fathers.
  • The etymology of the word “boy” is believed to have been derived from the Anglo-Saxon word, “boa,” which translates to “servant” or “farmworker.”
  • The most common cause of death for men is heart disease.
  • Across the world, men have a life expectancy of 64.5 years. 
  • Males account for 94 percent of worksite fatalities.
  • Males generally have 50 percent less body fat than women.
  • Af six weeks of conception, the fetus automatically takes on the mother’s DNA.  After the sixth week, the male embryo forms:  it will begin to develop male characteristics like testosterone and androgens.

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